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On view April 26-June 1, 2024 at InLiquid Gallery: “The Naked Show”

“The Naked Show” brings together a group of fifteen InLiquid member artists whose work explores the many meanings of exposed human skin. Naked skin is the permeable and sensitive boundary between ourselves and the outside world, a border of endless fascination. Representations of nakedness take many forms and meanings, evoking intimacy, sensuality, beauty, rawness, voyeurism, censorship, vulnerability, and innocence. Seen here through painting, photography, and sculpture, each artist addresses the myriad limitations and potentials of our infinitely varied human bodies.

John Y. Wind contributes his 2013 sculpture My Surfboard (The Secret Life of Felix Jesus Consalvos). An upright vintage surfboard densely covered with stickers and other ephemera, the front presents a colorful pop art face to the public, while the back obsesses privately about erotic desire and matters of the flesh.

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